Mastering the Adwords Cash Mountain

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What if you could learn more than probably 95 of the people out there using Adwords right now? Would that help you to make some serious money online? Would that help you to destroy your competition?

Imagine the satisfaction of being able to pay less and get more from each keyword because you know how to get a great quality score, imagine the thrill of being able to walk in and start taking your competitions traffic and sales right out from under them!

This product was created to cut through all the hype and smoke and mirrors out there that try and sell you a $997 course on how to make millions from Adwords when they dont even teach you the fundamentals to having a profitable campaign. You cant teach someone to run a marathon before they can walk!

Did you ever hear someone saying Google Adwords is a simple system? If you did, then I have to be honest with you, IT IS NOT THAT SIMPLE. The people who said it was simple, are not the ones who are successful with it! With a growing system like Google Adwords there is constant learning involved in order to keep up with the competition.

Here is what you could be learning just minutes from now!

1)The precise steps that must be taken in order to setup a campaign properly CRUCIAL!
1 sneaky trick you can do with Adwords to see inside your market and find out exactly what they want to buy from you!

2)The single biggest mistake that people make which renders all their hard work useless and they dont even notice! (until they crash and burn when they run out of money and have no sales to show for it)

3)The 7 quick fixes you need to help you get an awesome quality score so Google will absolutely love your campaign! (cheap clicks here we come!)

4)The most important part of your whole campaign which will make or break you more than anything else (if you think its the product youre way off!)

5)The types of keywords you MUST use if you ever want to make some profit

6)The exact wording that changed an ad with a 1 click through rate to a 19 click through rate overnight!

7)The ONLY time you should be in position 1 (steer clear of it apart from at this time!)

And So Much More!


Introduction 3

What is Adwords 4

Affiliate Marketing 4

Product Creation 5

Surveying 5

Getting Started on Adwords 6

The Power of Keywords 8

Creating Your First Campaign 13

Writing Your Ads 24

Fine Tuning Your Campaign 29

Quality Score 29

7 Quick Fixes for Your Quality Score 30

Campaign Structure 31

Country Targeting 31

Tracking to the Keyword Level/Conversions 31

Expanding Your PPC Empire 33

Adwords List Building Secrets 35

Closing Thoughts 37

Resources 38
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